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Airline Manufacturing Back Orders and Record Sales – Big Gap in Promises and Deliveries

It seems to be standard operating procedure for Airline Manufacturers to go to big airshow and aviation industry events to sell aircraft. This works great and they take order galore, but the problem with taking orders and you’ve probably seen this at Starbucks, is that once you take the orders, you have to produce the product, so the customers line up again and wait. When it’s busy, they wait and wait, and wait. So much for a quick Latte to go, so, what does this have to do with airliner manufacturing you ask?

Well, both Airbus and Boeing now have aircraft orders well into the future, for some models, 7-years in advance. If you study the industry much, the landscape changes a lot in 7-years, and soon these manufacturers will have orders spanning a decade. Think about that? An aircraft order taken in 2014 at the Paris Airshow could potentially not be delivered until 2024 – no, it’s not that bad yet, but it is getting there.

There was an interesting article in Manufacturing (dot) net not long ago titled; “Airbus Logs Record 2013, But Still Behind Boeing,” by Jamey Keaton, reposted from the Associated Press. Often the AP stories are fairly jaded toward propaganda, and the stories written by writers in the semi-employ of those organizations they promote. My take on Airbus aircraft deliveries is not one of praise, but one of questionable business practices.

It is pretty disingenuous for Airbus to hyper-sell aircraft and take orders at the current rate when it cannot even deliver anywhere near what it has already promised – in any other industry – that would be considered fraud. And yet, there executives do the PR campaign road show in their suits and ties and take credit for their greatness when in reality their performance is substandard on the business manufacturing end. Not very impressive and pretty pathetic if you ask me – still, the gap between sales and deliveries expands – what about customer trust?

What about new materials, what about new propulsion technology, better designs, what about blended wing bodied aircraft, what about our hypersonic transportation future? What about point to point personal flying craft? What about the combination of all these technological breakthroughs? What about airlines which may no longer be in business or the future airlines which will come into existence? Where are all the aircraft going to come from, I ask? This is about the only industry I can think of that gets away with this strategy. Please consider all this and think on it.

Travelling With Children – Travel Insurance Can Save The Day!

Among the many reasons to book single trip travel insurance, taking children away on a holiday may just rank at the top.

As any parent knows, when you have children, particularly small ones, there are always surprises in store. Even a simple single trip travel insurance policy for your family can help make sure those surprises are only pleasant, or at the very least, inexpensive.

Travelling With Children

Many people may think traveling with children in tow is way too much trouble, but the truth is, it’s one of the best things you can do for your child. It not only expands their horizons and helps them learn while having fun, it’s also good for you. Having children along with you on your journey instils you with their energy, enthusiasm and sense of wonder – which more than makes up for the exhausting pace of running after them and taking care of them for the duration of your trip.

Child-Friendly Policies

The good news is that many single trip travel insurance policies are child-friendly. Many allow coverage for children aged 0-14 as long as they are with an insured parent or grandparent. In fact, there are even some family policies that include children up to the ages of 16 and even up to 18. Other policies for families aren’t free, but only charge a minimum per child – but often, those include extended cover for other eventualities normally excluded in regular policies. You will, however, want to make sure about just what (and who) is covered in your policy.

What To Look For

Often, the best policy is one that offers broad coverage for many of the things that occur even without children, and a few more that do. These may include coverage for the following.

Medical Emergencies. Medical bills are troubling enough, but face the issue overseas and that becomes compounded. Add to that the problem of language barriers with doctors and nurses in areas where English is not the norm, and it can be quite daunting. However, with unlimited medical and hospital cover, as well as unlimited emergency assistance, a huge load will be taken off your shoulders, and you are assured that any trip to a foreign doctor will not be a financial burden. Interpreters can even be arranged.

Cancellations. The problem with making travel plans with children involved is that if they get sick or hurt in the days leading up to your big trip you may just have cancel the whole thing. Besides the disappointment this may cause, it can also be quite costly in terms of cancellation fees and lost deposits without a good policy in place.

While airlines and other companies may sometimes reimburse costs when it’s due to weather or political disturbances, they may not if it’s due to personal emergencies. Single trip travel insurance with comprehensive coverage means that you get unlimited cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits, in any case you need to cancel your big trip.

Lost luggage, gadgets and more. When travelling with small children, the pain of lost luggage and equipment like cellular phones and tablets seems to be that bit more painful: for one, there are many more clothes (and equipment) to replace, plus they aren’t the most patient travellers. A good policy can ensure you won’t have to make do without clothes or toiletries for the family just because they ended up somewhere other than your destination.

ActiveSync Security Policies Are Excellent For Controlling Email Access

ActiveSync security policies are very important for businesses that make use of Microsoft Exchange as a way that they can get in touch with their customers and vendors more effectively. The reason that you need to implement Activesync security policies is so that you can have an easier time managing the security of your email servers.Microsoft ActiveSync allows people to sync their mobile devices to receive emails from a corporate email server. When you use ActiveSync security policies it is easier for you to protect your emails so that you are not vulnerable to any kind of hack or exploit. Be sure that you get these security policies from a place that you can depend on for good quality software so that it is easier for you to be certain that you are safely using emails the way that your company needs to for modern success.

5 Little Known Tips for Fast Weight Loss

In this article I’m going to review some weight loss tips that might be unheard of and others you might have heard before but nonetheless they all work very well when combined together in a good weight loss program.

Tip 1:

Let’s start by taking a picture of every piece of food that you eat and every beverage that you drink. You can easily do this by using your cellular phone. This is the 2014 version of a food journal. In all my years of consulting with clients I have found that the people who keep a food diary get the best results. So in order to bring this to present time current technology just to get your cellular phone and take a picture of your food. You can even go a step further and post the picture on your FB page or your G+. This will hold you accountable. You may even get a bunch of your friends and coworkers to do the same thing and you could have a contest as to who can eat the healthiest or who can lose the most weight.

Tip 2:

Make sure that you drink at least 64 ounces of water each and every day. Most people think that they are hungry when in fact they are actually thirsty. In my experience with my clients I have found that if they keep their body properly hydrated they eat less food. Plus your body needs an adequate amount of water each and every day in order to keep the systems of your body working properly.

Tip 3:

Eat lots of vegetables. It doesn’t matter if the vegetables are raw or cooked. Just eat them. You can even juice your vegetables. Make sure that you are putting kale and parsley in your veggie shakes as they are two of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

Tip 4:

Limit your starchy carbohydrates. In order to lose weight and maintain your weight loss you should really consume starchy carbohydrates in moderation. This includes bread, pasta, rice and all the other delicious foods that are made from some type of wheat flower or rice. I know we all like these foods but the problem is that they like us as well and they like to hang around with us on our bellies, buttocks and thighs. So do yourself a favor and limit your starchy carbohydrate intake. Now I am not saying to eliminate them totally by just make sure that you are consuming them in moderation during the day.

Tip 5:

Tip number five is the icing on top of your weight loss cake! And Tip number five is exercise. But we are talking about sensible exercise. And the meaning of sensible exercise is doing a type of exercise program that is not going to cause us to experience any type of injury. Sensible exercise is different for everyone. If you are over 40 years old and have not exercised since your high school years you may be best served by beginning a sensible walking program. If you can walk for 60 consecutive minutes 5 to 7 days a week this is an excellent beginner program. Now if you can’t walk for 60 consecutive minutes just do what you can.

If you could only walk 20 minutes, then that’s great just walk for 20 minutes every day. And gradually work your way up to 60 straight minutes of walking. We are looking to make positive lifestyle changes. Changes that will make us healthy and also lose weight in the process. For others, a sensible exercise program might be doing a more intense exercise program like high intensity interval training, resistance training and other types of burst training like programs.

So there you have it 5 weight loss tips to losing weight and getting healthy.

Here is one final extra weight loss tip: if you are confused, if you have tried losing weight on your own and have failed, if you have absolutely no idea about what you’re doing and why you are not losing weight be smart and consult a health and wellness expert.

I cannot tell you how many people I see in my office each and every day that think they are eating right and exercising right and still cannot lose any weight at all. The problem is that there is so much information out there. And this totally confuses people.

So do yourself a favor consult a health and wellness consultant.

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